Composit OrmanaWHO in this case, it’s more about WHERE. It’s the south of Morocco, a land of nature and tradition that has inspired luxury skincare line Ormana. The botanical richness and the biodiversity of the El Khorci lands, from where all the ingredients which make up these products come, frame and give their touch in the telling of this story. They say that this land holds the secret to eternal youth, which has been passed down from generation to generation by the Berbers in the north Sahara. Literally translated into “natural gold of Morocco”, Ormana represents a commitment to sharing this secret with the world; taking advantage of both the authentic natural ingredients and next generation laboratories.

WHAT A body and skincare range, which bottles high quality ingredients like precious argan oil or prickly pear oil, maintaining the promise of incomparable anti-aging results, thanks to the pure active and effective natural derivatives. Production goes directly from farm to skin with no tricks or hidden extra gimmicks.

WHY Ormana creates luxury skincare and bodycare products without parabens, silicones, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or added coloring agents. And it’s not tested on animals! If all this doesn’t seem like a valid reason to try the products, we really don’t how to convince you. 😉

TBS <3 The precious oils are irreplaceable allies in any beauty routine, especially for those who love multitasking products. The anti-ageing serum is light and absorbs quickly, to sum up, it’s perfect for hot climates and summer (there’s a reason why it comes from Morocco). Even the products for the body are marvellous; the natural perfumes are not overpowering and it feels like you’re being immersed in a unique beauty experience.

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