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Sarah Kugelman is a career woman who decided to take care of her own skincare and healthcare, to fight stress. Taking care of her needs to find psychological and physical balance and of her passion for beauty gave her the chance to finally get rid of her chronic stress issues, and live the life she always wished for. Her trip to Iceland was fundamental for her, as she personally experienced the deep well-being that this amazing place inspires


Skyn ICELAND is the name of Sarah’s skincare brand, which she founded in 2004. The formulas are inspired by the power of nature, and their main aim is to reduce the negative effects of stress. Stress makes your skin look washed out, and it also causes acne, irritation, dryness and lines. Skyn ICELAND products fortify, soothe and nourish your skin, reestablishing its natural balance.


These creams and masks have Iceland’s natural elements within them, such as super fruits, clean air and ice water. If you visualize this ice-cold place after all, tranquility and peace of mind are probably the first things to come to mind, and these two feelings are included in the Icelandic word “skyn”. The brand’s concept is to gently take care of your body, pampering it and regenerating it, getting rid of the negative effects of stress with small gestures, like applying serum on your face, or washing it with a delicate wash.


We tested their Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels and our only comment is, WOW. After only 10 minutes wearing it, our dark circles were gone, and our eyes looked so rested, and utterly beautiful. What else do you need?

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