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WHO Mariagrazia Boniardi, biologist and researcher with 30 years’ experience. A unique woman, with a problem common to many: extremely sensitive skin. Her face always had issues with most cosmetics, causing terrible allergic reactions, and forcing her to give up on using anything, really. Her solution to that was to research one for herself, and for all other women facing similar problems every day. In 2007, she founded Skinius, a 100% Made in Italy company devoted to dermo-cosmetic research, and scientific innovation.

WHAT An essential and complete product line that tries to respond to each and everybody’s skin needs, at every moment of the year, at any time in someone’s life. The basis of all of this is the discovery of a complex based on phospholipids derived from soy and glucosamine. This complex is called Fospidin, it improves skin elasticity and prevents your skin from losing water, avoiding evaporation and preserving deep moisture.

WHY Skinius cosmetics are personally tested on Dr. Boniardi’s ultra-sensitive, intolerant skin first: she literally puts her skin on the line, and uses all her research experience in Skinius. What better guarantee than this could we have?

TBS <3 The whole The Doctor Is In line is worth a try, but our absolute favorites are NoAgy, their moisturizing lip balm that is just perfect underneath ultra matte lipsticks, too, and Rimage, their under-eye gel cream. When in doubt, go for a beauty box so you can try out different products!

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