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The world of beauty is literally being invaded by metallic products, lately. It’s not just nail polish – we got used to that a while ago already. It’s also eyeshadows, lipsticks and highlighters in every possible shade of the rainbow, as long as it is metal! One color is king of this trend, and that is gold. The precious metal par excellence is what you should go for, especially now, during Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations. The interesting thing about gold is that it is so multifaceted. Did you know you can even eat it? It’s not about tasting it this time around, but really, it also appears in so many forms and uses in the field of beauty.

Makeup is first and foremost, of course. One of the main reasons for this is that it highlights your skin tone, and it fits virtually any kind of skin color: try it, you will see. Gold will also lend your gaze a magnetic quality when worn as a thin sheet on your eyelids, and it will make you look regal when used as powder. A touch of gold on your Cupid’s bow and in the inner corner of the eye will lend a new glow to any look. Choose a cream texture if you want the strongest stroke of color: it’s easy to apply, and if you want more intensity, all you have to do is apply multiple layers.

Thanks to its cosmetic qualities, gold has been commonly used in skincare too, for a long time: it penetrates pores very well, it drains your lymph nodes and it gets rid of blackheads. On top of all this, it kickstarts the cells’ regeneration processes, and stimulates elastin and collagen production, as well as blood circulation. It’s basically a miracle in a jar!

The trend right now is in skincare actually, and it’s about gold leaf masks. This treatment was originally conceived in ancient Egypt: legend has it that Cleopatra used to sleep with a gold mask on, in order to preserve her beauty and keep her skin velvety. Some companies got inspiration from Cleopatra’s beauty ritual, and modernized it. So, how do they work? It is very simple: delicately place a few 24k gold leaves on your face, and let them dry until they turn into a mask. Remove everything right after. All you have to do now is try it out!

All celebs’ photos courtesy of Mimi Luzon’s Instagram.

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