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Composit - After Gym_2It’s the beginning of the New Year and your resolutions certainly include it: the gym. Do you have a better excuse for some themed beauty shopping? We don’t, so we thought about all the products we love and can fit in our gym bag to use before and after our workout. Some of them are real game changers!

The secret to feeling comfortable is to arrive prepared. To do that, you just need a few specific products: deodorant, dry shampoo (to prevent hair from sticking too much after the workout) and sunscreen if you are outdoors (yes, even in the winter). The true highlight to add to the selection is a gel to prepare the muscles: trust us, you will thank us later. Don’t forget to take your makeup off, skin tends to get irritated when you sweat during a workout and some makeup components might alter, changing their color.

To recover from your exercize, pamper yourself. If you shower at the gym, choose a shower gel with an energizing fragrance or a toning body scrub. If, instead, you prefer to relax, the best choice would be a warm bath with salts and essential oils, which are also very nourishing. Once you get out of the bathtub, accurately dab your skin and, then, move to the toning phase! The latest products on the market will help you extend the beneficial effects of the workout even out of the gym. For an ultra-quick absorption, that will guarantee undamaged clothes, we suggest light oil formulas. In our gallery you’ll find our favorite ones. Try them; you won’t be able to live without anymore!


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