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Composit - FruitToday, here at The Blonde Salad we’re all about fruit! Literally, because the best beauty products of the moment are natural, fruit-based, and they rely on pure and simple active ingredients.

It’s not just creams and serums; some makeup products contain vitamins and other fruit-derived goodness as well. Two are the main advantages: the fact that the formula becomes more natural and delicate in order to preserve the positive effects of the ingredients and…the scent! Fruity beauty products have, in fact, delicious fragrances that are perfect for the spring and the summer.

The two most popular fruits in 2016 are undoubtedly avocado and coconut. The first is rich in oils that have nourishing, revitalizing and elasticizing properties. It favors the production of collagen, giving the skin a younger appearance. It is usually featured in overnight products, that we now know quite well. The second one is extremely hydrating (only its water is actually used), and it is suitable for delicate skins and guarantees a long-lasting bright effect for your complexion. You can find it in several primers at the drugstore; the first step of a perfect makeup routine.

Our gallery features our favorite skincare and makeup bits. Which one intrigues you the most?

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