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Composit - OvernightEven the world of skincare has its trends. One of the newest is overnight beauty. What does it mean? It’s products conceived to be applied at night, a little before going to bed, that are made to make your skin rest while you enjoy a restoring sleep. The trick? They’re more intense and concentrated than the traditional night cream, so if you have a hectic lifestyle, these will help you hide your stress and make you look rested and fresh in the morning. Salvation!

There are so many overnight beauty treatments, but the most popular are masks and oils. Choose the first ones if your complexion looks dull and grey; it’s a symptom of dehydration. The effect of a hydrating mask will improve the color of your skin in just a few applications. If otherwise you’d like to go deeper and radically modify the look of your complexion, we suggest you use an oil. Oil treatments tone, purify and enhance the brightness of your skin, accelerating its metabolism and stimulating cellular renewal. Add one to your beauty routine, even if you fell like your skin is oily, you won’t regret it. Are you afraid you might stain your pillow? Don’t be; new oils absorb very rapidly and there is not even the risk of having that shiny effect the day after.

Did we convince you? Browse through our gallery to find out our favorite night treatments and start trying them right away. You can introduce a new hashtag for your selfies starting tomorrow: #Iwokeuplikethis! 😉

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