My friends have been nagging me with one question lately: “what about that black peel off charcoal mask I saw on Facebook? Does it work?” I decided that, to save the face of as many people as I can, I should answer this difficult question here. First off, do you really think you should trust a random Facebook video, in which people scream in pain when removing a mask from their skin? I think you already know the answer. These online videos should include a message for their audience, like WWE demos: don’t try this at home. The first reason why you shouldn’t is that these masks, usually available on eBay, aren’t really good quality at all. The second reason to avoid them is that the sticky agent they contain is so aggressive that it literally takes away the entire top layer of your skin’s cells with it when you remove it, including small hairs and sebum-producing filaments. Of course your skin feels smooth like a peach… There is nothing left there! Your skin gets truly traumatized by these masks, and it usually needs about 30 days to go back to its regular balance. Now, if you already used this mask once, don’t worry about it, just promise you will never do it again. And don’t despair: there are actually effective peel-off masks that are also good for your skin, and there are colorful ones too, if you really cannot do without that. If you want to go for a black mask then the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask if for you, but if you really want to be envied by all on social media, test  GLAMGLOW’s GravityMud, in its limited, metallic blue Sonic edition (remember the hedgehog that all Nintendo owners loved in the 1990s?). If you don’t have any color preferences, have a look at our other ideas in the gallery, and organize a nice multimasking session with your friends – this time without anyone having to scream in pain.

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