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Our story today starts with a dog named George, who loved to kiss his favorite human Kevin’s cheeks a bit too much. One day, when Kevin had just put on his moisturizer right before being kissed by his pup, he wondered, «What did George just end up licking? Will he be okay?» When he stopped and thought about it, he realized that the moisturizer he used contained a lot of chemical ingredients, diluted in water, and he made a decision: he immediately got rid of that jar, and started working on changing things.


Kevin started Ktchn Apothecary, a project that revolutionizes the idea of beauty products, starting right from the production stage. Why? Because with Ktchn Apothecary, moisturizers become DIY, they are made using fresh ingredients, and mixed at the time and in the amount necessary. This is how you avoid conservatives and other chemical substances that the formula doesn’t really need, keep George safe, and get fabulous skin in the process.


On top of being an aware choice, preparing your own moisturizer is so much fun! The instructions in the pack make it super easy: all you have to do is mix it up, warm it up and mix it up again, and voilà, you are done.


We love playing Little Chemist, and actively work on creating our own beauty routine, it is quite uncommon, after all! With Ktchn Apothecary, the label becomes totally easy to read, and simplicity permeates everything.

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