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whoMay Lindstrom, former model and “skin chef” today, started creating her skincare formulas in her kitchen – her first product was her Good Stuff Radiance Oil. May is an explorer who likes to delve deep into the roots of anything related to beauty and is fascinated by a holistic approach to wellness.

whatThe beauty line that bears her own name, May Lindstrom, is composed by true magical beauty potions. All her products are a guarantee of exceptional results, thanks to carefully elaborated formulas, whose creation is monitored from A to Z, that do not include any components from external labs, or that are produced using any shortcuts that might compromise their quality. May selects the most prestigious organic, biodynamic ingredients, cultivated in nature. The entire line is sustainable and eco-friendly.

whyIt has become very rare to find an entirely artisanal line like this, created with care by a founder who put all her heart in her project. All May Lindstrom products are created in her lab and mixed manually, in micro-batches to guarantee freshness and effectiveness. It’s made for all skin types (including the most sensitive ones) and it’s even gluten-free!

tbs-cuoreThe Problem Solver mask, a cult product for all beauty lovers by now. The detail that makes the difference here is that her formulas have no fillers, meaning extra ingredients that are unnecessary for effectiveness, only added to enrich the sensorial experience or the product’s texture. Each ingredient is handpicked with care, and extracted at its highest potential, bringing incredible results after just a few applications.

All images via May Lindstrom’s Facebook page.

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