Like all things Budapest, apparently, this brand also seems to be have a connection to a love story, specifically, to the one between Stephen and Margaret. Stephen is the heir of the noble Omorovicza family and he met the love of his life, Margaret, while she was working at the American embassy in Hungary. It was truly love at first sight, and the two became inseparable after just a few dates. Thermal water was their love potion, and the witness of some of their dates, after which they both noticed the good effects it had on their skin. They were so inspired by this unique ingredient that they decided to start a beauty project together, something that was never done before.

whatOmorovicza was born of this love: a luxury skincare line that is all about the magical powers of Hungarian thermal water (could it also work as a love potion, too? We might as well try.) The line’s products can be bought online and in their Budapest flagship store, which we just visited. If you want to truly experience the brand, though, we recommend visiting their spas: Omorovicza has many all over Europe, and if you follow your urge to buy everything you see while shopping in their store, you will get a free, unmissable face treatment as a gift!


The products in this line have the ability to replicate the effect that thermal water had on Stephen and Margaret: making you fall in love at first sight, or in this case, at first use! The beneficial effects of thermal water during one day at the bath are usually limited to the outer layers of your skin, and to make it all more effective, Omorovicza patented a system that helps the molecules of thermal water penetrate deeper down into your skin, to enhance its revitalizing effects, and help your skin stay young, at a young age already!


Our favorite product comes with a little story. The Queen of Hungary mist was inspired by the very first perfume ever created, dedicated to the Queen of Hungary… Better known to all of us as Empress Sissi! The formula has been modified to make the spray into a skincare product, but its delicate scent of orange flowers and rose will make your beauty routine worthy of a princess. You should try it as a toner after cleansing your face, as well as a relaxing spray during the day!

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    Based on a friend’s recommendation, I visited the Omorovicza Spa in Budapest last year and had a wonderful experience. I had a pore refining facial. The treatment room was cosy, and the treatment bed was heated and it was heavenly to lie on it. It’s a luxury brand so it is pricey but the cost of facial can go towards purchase of products if you meet the minimum spend.

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    I just found this blog because of Luxe. I am curious as to why it is called the Blonde Salad. I have never subscribed to a blog but in this case I am making an exception because you remind me of the cool girls at boarding school! Even though I am well out of grad school!

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