Linda Rodin has a motto she lives by: “There is beauty in simplicity”. We can’t think of anything that’s more essentially and truthfully “her”, after all. A woman with her past must know what she’s talking about. She’s been a model, founded one of the first concept stores in New York City, she’s been a journalist at Harper’s Bazaar and a freelance stylist. Those who have worked in fashion and have been lucky enough to meet her know that her favorite past time in the backstage was adding her own personal touch to the makeup artists for the final act – the glow she wanted every single woman to have while she walked the runway.


Hers was a secret recipe, a blend of therapeutic oils that could transform a dull complexion in a matter of seconds, making it luminous and removing tension. It took her two years of experiments, in her own bathroom, to find the right mix. Thus was born Rodin Olio Lusso, which in no time captured the attention of artists and celebrities and made the history of cult beauty products. It didn’t take long for the product line to grow larger, with the addition of skin care products and a few lipsticks and lip pencils.


If it is true that beauty lies in simplicity (and we swear by this idea), formulations are where it’s at to test all of this. With Rodin Olio Lusso, that won’t take any effort. You’ll see your skin change texture from day one, and you’ll be able to forget complicated beauty routines! It might not be for lovers of Korean beauty, but Rodin can change anyone’s mind 😉


Rodin Olio Lusso lavender night oil for face and body has such a relaxing, pleasant smell that we’d be happily bathing in it every evening if we could. It’s perfect for that frantic pace of life and for those who think that, as important as it is, they have no time for me-time. If Linda’s secret for ageing youthfully is a few drops of oil and a bright lipstick… count us in! Where do we sign?

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