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Susanne Kaufmann is from the Bregenz Forest, in the Alps, where each generation has been teaching the following one about the medical properties of plants for a long time. This is also where the Hotel Post Bezau, which has been in the family for five generations, is located – and where Susanne Kaufmann’s namesake skincare brand was born. Since she was very young, Susanne has been fascinated by the idea of finding a contemporary way to allow her guests to experience the unique properties of local herbs.


Together with a team of pharmacy researchers and dermatologists, she thus decided to create Susanne Kaufmann Organic Treats, a holistic treatment product line based on the precious natural ingredients, which could be used by the guests of her hotel but also by everyone else. The line includes 90 organic and natural products suitable for any kind of skin, from products for the face and body to hair care. Many of the plant-based ingredients in her formulas come right from the Bregenz Forest, were they are grown, selected, and harvested.


These products do not contain any active chemical ingredients, solvents or emulsifiers, and all preservatives are plant-based. The brand is 100% cruelty free: there is no testing on animals and the ingredients are all supplied by companies that share the same values as Susanne Kaufmann and her same wish to respect animals and the environment. Every single product is checked and supervised by Susanne herself, before being bottled by hand, sealed, and finally boxed. Could you really have better guarantees than these?


There are so many Susanne Kaufmann products we’d like you to try! Two products you cannot miss are masks and peels. You’ll feel like you’re at Hotel Post Bezau doing the spa treatment – without leaving your sofa. Want to whole deal? Treat yourself to one of her perfumed candles and cup of her teas after the treatment: it’ll be like an Alps retreat, in the city!

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