Well, in this case, it might just be best to move on to the “what”. Deciem is a revolutionary Canadian company, which developed 11 brands with one common aim: revolutionizing any existing preconception in the world of beauty. Brandon Truaxe is at the helm of this team of visionaries, who decided to embark on this crazy adventure without paying attention to all those who kept telling him that doing 10 different things at the same time would lead him nowhere. Just in case, he decided to do add one thing to those 10, and beauty addicts worldwide thank him for that!


The Ordinary is one of these 11 surprising, amazing projects. It was designed with a precise aim, namely, releasing some specific skincare technologies on the market, for an honest price. The result is a line which looks vaguely pharmaceutical, whose labels show the active ingredients of each formula, and whose website features a guide on how to use these products in the best way, to create a new, personalized beauty regime, according to your needs.


The prices of the products in this line are just unbeatable, there is nothing else to say. It might not be that easy at first to figure out what you need among the different ingredients and formulas, but once you understand what product works for you, you will not be able to live without them anymore. Their customer service is excellent and helpful, ready to answer all your questions, if you have any, to make sure that your experience with their product line is completely smooth… Just like your skin!


It’s hard to make a choice, for once, we would like to just be able to tell you to just try all of the line’s products – at least the ones that work for your beauty routine! The good news is that recently, in addition to its skincare products, The Ordinary also started producing two foundation formulas: demand was so high that some customers are still waiting to receive their package! We will just get in line: we have great expectations of this small, revolutionary brand.


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