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When my friends see the arsenal of secret weapons in my bathroom, and the amount of stuff I use for removing all makeup, they all think I am crazy. They might be right, but the truth is actually quite simple: I never use wipes. A few years ago, I read that they can be very aggressive on your skin, they don’t really do the job properly – I agree on that – and they also remove some of the natural oils that the skin produces to protect itself, along with makeup. I didn’t think twice about it, I just got rid of them forever, and that made my skin feel happy and pampered. Starting double cleansing after that was a pretty obvious step.

So, what is double cleansing all about? Well, as the name says, it’s about washing your face twice. And I do not mean twice a day, I mean twice in a row, if you want to remove makeup really, really well. It’s easier said than done, but I will try to explain myself more accurately so you understand how it works. You have to start from one assumption: you want your skincare products to be able to work on fertile ground. If you don’t cleanse your skin properly, you are undermining your skincare work already, wasting precious amounts of your product for no reason. Even the most expensive serum can’t do its job on your skin if you haven’t cleansed it properly, which makes it pretty clear that cleansing is an essential step in your beauty routine. Do I seem a little less crazy, now? I sincerely hope so.

So, let us get straight to the point: how do we do a double cleanse? It’s a two-step process, and I can already hear you say, wow, thanks, Captain Obvious… Why, you’re welcome.
The first step is about removing makeup, and you can use any product for that: makeup remover, balm or cleansing milk, if you are stuck in the 1990s – all options are good. If you are wearing heavy-duty makeup, a rich balm or oil are probably your best bet, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive type. To remove your makeup, also use a wet cloth, it works way better than your hands when removing all the substances the oil will melt off.
The second step is the actual cleansing: this is when you use your more expensive cleanser, the one that is rich in nutrients and ingredients that are good for your face. Foam-free gel is my favorite texture, but of course, the choice is yours. Just remember that micellar water doesn’t work for this step: you can only use it as a makeup remover! If you only have one product, such as a balm for instance, you can still go for a double cleanse: use a larger amount of your product in the second phase, and spend a few more minutes massaging it into your skin, to make the cleansing action really effective.

So… That’s it for today’s episode of “How to Reinvent the Wheel”! There are really no special secrets to this technique, all you have to remember is that consistency in routine is key: you have to do this every day, if you want to allow your skin to reap all the benefits of the treatment, and breathe. We collected some products in our gallery that will help you embrace this good habit in a flash!

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