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Composit - Eye Contour OKLooking for an effective eye contour product is like searching for the Holy Grail. Everyone tries to, but being lucky the first time is really difficult. We decided to help you on this “mission impossible” by gathering all our favorite treatments in the gallery and accompanying them with a few suggestions on application
 It will force you not to overlook this step in your beauty routine! 😉

Rule n°1. Don’t think that treating this area means using an anti-wrinkle: starting at 20 years old moisture is very important, so you are never too young for an eye contour cream!

Rule n°2. Learn to apply the product by delicately dabbing with your ring finger. It’s the weakest finger, therefore, naturally the most appropriate for the delicate eye contour area. But beware of the fact that the treatment shall be applied without dragging the skin because, with time, you would risk accentuating your expression lines.

Rule n°3. The area on which you should apply the cream/gel does not involve the eyelid; you’d soon find yourself with watery eyes. Focus on the circles above your cheekbones and upper eyelid, right below your eyebrows; this is where the treatment should be effective. Are you wondering what amount of product you should use? It needs to be barely enough to cover this area and be absorbed in a few seconds.

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