There is one thing that will always distinguish an expensive under-eye area product from a cheaper one: the luxury one cannot absolutely be touched with your fingers. The main reason is pretty simple, that is, you can wash your hands as accurately as you want, but there will always be the risk of bacteria from your hands damaging the quality of your product. It’s not only that: the skin of your eye contour area is really sensitive, way more than you can imagine. This is why you will be often told that it’s best to apply treatments with your ring finger, the one with the weakest muscles, which will damage your skin’s elasticity the least, thus saving you from crow’s feet in the future.

It’s something I always try to explain to my friends whenever we talk about this topic, trying to stop them from doing this. They usually just think I am annoying, and stubbornly go back to their own beauty routine habits, applying cream on their eyes with the same delicate touch of a kid rubbing his eyes after crying. Luckily, a lot of brands, and not only luxury ones, are coming to my rescue, solving the problem at its root: so, hands off, please, only apply your under-eye treatment using its applicator. It’s a small object with a funny shape that is in between a teaspoon, a small scoop and a roll. Sometimes the applicator is part of the tube, other it is included in the package separately – and in this case, make sure you don’t lose it!

Using an applicator is awesome, it will allow you to kill two birds with one stone, as it will massage the area around your eyes while you apply the product. The benefits of this are visible, since these applicators will stimulate circulation in your under-eye area, and help you avoid having dark circles under your eyes. Keep both your cream and your applicator in the fridge: the cold temperature will make everything even more effective, and it will become a moment of relaxation you won’t be able to live without anymore. [Ask @vincimali for proof!]

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  • Hello! It would be nice if you point which brands are cruelty free, so people can choose knowing this. Is better to know it! And being such a popular blog, maybe you can help stopping it. 🙂 Thanks!

    Reply to Florencia
      • Good point! I was thinking about the same question. I am happy more and more people are concerned about this question. I usually use a ‘Bunny Free’ app to check if the brand is bunny fre 😉

        Reply to Inna
  • I would say that the benefit of the applicator isn’t just the whole bacteria thing, but also the cooling/depuffing that you get with it that you wouldn’t get with your fingers/ Although yes… it’s a given to use your ring fingers for your under eye cream.. why would people not???


    Reply to Diana
      • TBS Crew

        Absolutely! That’s why we also said that 😀 If we can teach something so simple that can give a little benefit to your beauty routine, why not try? 😉

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