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I admit it: I really, really love skin care, and one of my favorite moments is when I wash my face with a detergent that really works for me. Adding face detergent to your beauty routine can only improve your face’s health, because a face wash will cleanse your skin so deeply it will free your pores of any trace of makeup or pollution. This is why a good face wash is also essential for someone who doesn’t use any makeup.

Face detergents come in so many different types: as gels, balms, creams and powders. Of course, it is vital to understand which of these options works best for your skin! For instance, if you have combination or greasy skin, you should avoid creams and balms, and go for gels or powders. You should also note that cream and balms will require a bit more skill, since you will have to use a purpose-made sponge or cloth to remove them. Gel and powder textures are easier to remove, since all you have to do is rinse them off with water, and you’re done.

For optimal results, you should wash your face twice a day, morning and evening, after using your milk cleanser (which has nothing to do with face detergent), mostly as a way to deeply cleanse your skin, making it glow and keeping it healthy. Once you washed your face with a detergent, you can move on to your regular beauty routine of serums and creams, and these will be absorbed more easily.

And anyway, can you think of anything better than the feeling of your clean, smooth skin after washing? So, get rid of your soap bars, and get some inspiration from the gallery!


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