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Composit - Base - Festival EssentialsCoachella’s second weekend is coming! Did you pack yet? Maybe a few beauty tips could come in handy, too –  for this event, as for all the ones that will follow this season. The essentials’ list for festivals is actually not that long, we believe in traveling light, but they will be lifesavers in the rush of the moment, when you will be too busy with performances and DJ-sets to focus on the shade of your blush.

The first rule is: wear sunscreen! Don’t just pack it in your beauty stash, make sure you always carry it with you in your bag, or in your pocket. No one likes being sunburned anyway, and most of all, sunscreen will protect your skin from unnecessary risks. The higher the SPF, the better it will protect your skin, today and for the future. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face, too.

Secondly, remember that water is your worst enemy. What we actually mean is, three of our must-have products are related to dealing with water. There won’t be a lot of it for washing your hair, so make sure you bring a dry shampoo. To feel refreshed without having to shower yourself from a water bottle, bring a freshening spray for your face. And finally, to avoid having your look ruined by water, don’t forget to wear a primer to waterproof your makeup! Trust us, you will thank us later for this.

It is generally a good idea to choose multi purpose products. Lipsticks that also work as blush? Perfect! A body cream that can be a substitute for your perfume? Terrific! The lighter your vanity bag, is, the more space you will have in your luggage for outfits and accessories. Don’t forget your flower crowns!

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