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I hate the idea of having to eat well. What does that have to do with beauty? Everything, trust me. To have beautiful skin and fabulous hair, we should really take care of how we eat. It may not seem like it, but all we eat (and drink) has a direct impact on the way we look. It’s a bit like that urban legend about the connection between salami, Nutella and pimples: it has no scientific foundation, but the basic idea is correct: don’t expect to have silky skin, if all you eat is junk food. If you are very lazy and have a sweet tooth, like I do, fear not, because there is a solution and it’s right here: the ingredients that contribute to our beauty don’t always have to be ingested, they can also just be applied. Green tea, so rich in antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and polyphenols, is an example of that: it is used in China as a way to fix everything, from headaches to depression. Nowadays, you can use it to give a new life to your skin and hair, incorporating it into your beauty routine!


The list of the way green tea benefits your skin is never-ending: it helps eliminating toxins, it soothes inflamed skin, it gets rid of imperfections and helps scars disappear more quickly, by increasing your skin’s elasticity. It’s excellent for your under-eye area, whether you have dark circles or bags, green tea will help. It works as a natural tonic, thanks to its astringent qualities that help shrink the thin blood vessels under your eyes, helping your skin regain its hydration and its natural glow. Try it as a mask if your skin is giving you a hard time: green tea will fix a lot, even just after two applications!


Antioxidants are what make a difference for your mane, as they promote hair growth and stop hair fall, making your hair shinier and stronger in the process. You will notice your brush – and your floor – will stay a lot cleaner every time you wash your hair! Last but not least, the protective layer created by green tea works as a shield against the damage caused by pollution and by excessively aggressive products, like some kinds of hairspray, and the excessive heat of your hair straightener.

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