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Just back from a holiday on the other side of the pond? We can see that! And not just because you look tanned and relaxed, also because of the dark circles under your eyes, that you got while in the process of adapting to being back home. So who is the culprit? Jet-lag, of course! You can fight it with the usual skincare tools, we promise, and not just those: just follow these five easy tips, plus a bonus one from Chiara, who is clearly a great expert on this topic!

1. Top up on hydration like there’s no tomorrow, and we mean both inside and outside. Get creams, masks and lots of bottles of water. Drinking alcohol while flying is a big no-no, as it dries up your skin in an instant.

2. Prepare a perfect travel beauty bag: there’s a specific post for this, so just click here to find out what you should include.

3. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath when you arrive: there is nothing better than that to recharge, and let your skin relax and breathe. If you want to do things completely right, add an aromatherapy oil or bath salts to the mix.

4. Get plenty of vitamin D. Sunlight is your best friend in this case — but don’t forget sunscreen. Sun rays are very important for the metabolism of your cells, and they are vital in regulating your body clock.

5. Keep your concealer handy… Sometimes you just have to. And we probably don’t need to explain how to apply it, right? 😉

Finally, here is Chiara’s must-have tip: sheet or hydro-gel masks for your under-eye area. Right before or right after landing, just wear them for about 10 minutes, and your eyes will have a completely different glow, you will look perfectly awake… Even if you got no sleep on your flight. No one will realize!

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