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September – and working hours – are back to steal our sleep, and here they are: dark circles, taking over our faces. They are terrible, aren’t they? Even on those mornings when we wake up feeling fresh, thinking we slept well, we naively walk to our mirrors and… Zap! There they are, waiting for us! Luckily, we are almost experts in the matter, so here are our tips against puffiness and dark circles, with skincare and makeup:

1. Whichever product you use, move it to the fridge. The cold will stimulate micro circulation in the affected area, and you will notice a very fast improvement of your puffiness – it will go in just a few minutes. If you would like to have additional massage therapy, choose a cream with a metal applicator or buy a gadget like jade micro-rollers: once you try them, you’ll never be able to live without again!

2. The best ingredients to fight dark circles are the same ones that give you a kick in the morning: caffeine, and green tea extract, which is particularly helpful in reducing inflammation. Look for them on the labels of the products you would like to buy, to understand if they are what you need.

3. When skincare just isn’t enough, it’s time to help yourself with makeup. Get a peach-colored corrector: this kind of hue is best to counter the blueish hues under your eyes. If your skin is very dark and you feel that concealer is not effective, another thing you could do is use a tiny amount of red matte lipstick. Apply it carefully, and then cover it with your regular concealer to adapt the shade to your skin. If you can, avoid using powder products around your eyes, as powder tends to cluster and make lines that will actually mark your blemishes even more.

If you have any other tips on this topic, please share it in the comments! You will find our recommended products in the gallery, have a look at them and good luck in your fight against the enemies of your gaze. 😉

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