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The time of the year has come during which our skin will need a lot of extra care, and this goes for our lips too, more than anything else. During the cold season, our lips can get chapped pretty easily, and they definitely need to be well moisturised. And let’s not even mention those who like to bite their lips and play with dead skin, without taking good care of their lips the right way… There’s a product that can help you, though, a product that you can use every morning and evening: lip scrub.

Lip scrubs come with multiple positive effects: in addition to getting rid of your dead skin and moisturising your lips, they also help reactivate the blood flow in your lips, making them nice and plump, thanks to the circular motions you apply your lip scrub with. Adding this ritual to your beauty routine will make your lips look much more beautiful, it will get rid of all dead cells, and of all traces of makeup and pollution. This also makes applying lipstick a lot easier, avoiding clumps, making the surface of your lips look nice and smooth, and hydrating your lips.

You can buy lots of colorful, scented and tasty scrubs, of course, but you can also make your own at home: all you need for the quick version, is brown sugar and olive oil. If you are feeling creative, you can add some baking soda, olive oil or shea oil, as well as coloring and food flavoring.

Lip scrubs are lazy girl-proof, too, because they are so easy to apply: just like with body scrubs, wash your hands, and then just apply some product on your lips with your fingertips, and then massage it in with a circular movement. The feeling you get from the grains of sugar brushing your lips is very pleasant… So pleasant you might have to remind yourself not to eat it all up!

Masks or moisturising balms with super nutritious ingredients are an excellent way to wrap up our lipcare routine: after that, our lips will finally be just perfect, ready for make up… Or ready to be kissed!


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