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They say there is no such thing as a magic potion or a spring of eternal youth to drink from for ever-young skin and a beautiful face that doesn’t age; it may be true, but for sure there’s a product that helps you to slow time down: face serums.

This “magical” treatment is a part of beauty routines and contains highly concentrated active ingredients which penetrate deep into your skin, thus being a lot more effective than any regular face cream on its own. Serums also have a lighter and silky texture compared to creams and for this reason, they need to be applied right after cleansing your skin and before you day or night cream. It’s lazy-proof: you only need a few drops (no more than 3) and no need to massage it into the skin unless the specific instructions of the product say so – or unless you want to try a new sensory experience: lately, cosmetics brands have been coming up with new formulas that contain perfumes that can relax your body and mind, thus creating new beauty rituals that involve multiple senses at once.

There are several types of serums, including anti-wrinkle, antioxydant, age repair, anti-blemish, highlighters, lifting, and moisturizing, which offer solutions for issues such as complexion, luminosity, wrinkles, and blemishes. The magical ingredient is hyaluronic acid, to which vegetal complex and vitamins are added to obtain the desired effect in as little time as possible: plumper, moisturized, repaired, and protected skin.

There is no minimum age to start using serums, but there is a specific serum for each time of your life, for any type of skin and for problematic parts of one’s face that tend to age faster, i.e. eyes and lips. To conclude: if you’re wondering why this magic potions is not part of your beauty routine yet, it’s time to catch up and find the best one for you and your skin in the gallery below!

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