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When Fall is about to start, and the weather changes, our beauty routine should also change with it. Preparing your skin for the new season is essential if you don’t want it to suffer because of the change in weather, especially because it might get drier, and lose in elasticity. Here are a few rules you should be mindful of when taking care of your skin, they are all important and effective, as well as relaxing.

Exfoliating your face and body is rule number one. Scrubs and peeling products are here to help us getting rid of dead cells, and to prepare your skin for other treatments. Make sure that you don’t choose overly aggressive treatments, because those might cause lesions and rashes.

The next step is to move on to your real beauty ritual: moisturizing! This means making sure you choose super nourishing creams for your body, or perhaps oils, such as almond or jojoba oil. As for your face, don’t forget to choose the moisturizer that works best for your skin type: if you have oily or combination skin, choose something that won’t make your skin produce any excess oil. Our beloved masks can also be great allies in our meticulous routine. And can you think of a more relaxing moment than this, anyway? A moment just for ourselves, with a mask on our face, soft music and a glass of wine, or a piece of dark chocolate in your hands?

Finally, let’s talk about protection — you shouldn’t neglect sunscreen in Winter: even if you choose a low SPF, you still should be wearing some sort of sunscreen. And don’t forget lip balms! They are great for avoiding chapped lips and for fighting the effect of cold weather on your lips, and let’s be honest… Lip balms are our secret love!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to take care of your skin… We are already on it ad we have a few tips for you, so make sure you don’t miss our gallery!

Cover photo credit: Svetlana Pochatun

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