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Composit - BagnoAfter the tiring (so to speak) fashion month, it’s finally time to relax! When tension reaches its peak and you need time for a break, we suggest enjoying a warm bath accompanied by a scented candle. The shower is certainly more functional, but it feels good to dedicate an hour to yourself, leaving all your problems out of the door and concentrating only on the reassuring routine of this beauty ritual once in a while.

There’s nothing better than a scented candle to give a perfect final touch to the atmosphere. It will make the air fragrant and the bath even more relaxing, transforming your experience into a multisensory cuddle.

We have one personal rule we suggest you embrace as well…in order for the relaxation to be effective any type of technology is banned. No cellphones, computers, and TV screens…we could only forgive you if you were using it to play music.

Now, you’ll just have to browse thorough our gallery to find the ideal products for your relax and your favorite candle…Enjoy your bath! 😉

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