Once upon a time, thanks to Sleeping Beauty, we discovered that a pillow might stop you from aging. Did you think that was all, in the magic department? Sorry, you were wrong: you can take care of your skin without applying any products, as is the case with Beauty Bear. This is in no way related to magic, though, it is actually about science, pure and simple. To clarify what we are talking about, let’s start with an easy comparison. Imagine you have to get your body back into shape before summer, and be realistic when you do: you can’t seriously believe that hanging out on the couch, applying creams on your body while watching yet another episode on Netflix can work any wonders, right?!? Well, here is the good news: there is such a thing as exercise for your face. It is possible to get – or keep – the skin of your face “in shape” thanks to specific product-free treatments and massages you can do with specific tools. Some gadgets were released recently that promise to revolutionize pretty much anybody’s beauty routine, provided that you have some patience, that you follow the instructions, and that you take a few extra minutes of your time every day, and devote them to your beauty.

Some of these tools – like jade rollers, or Nurse Jamie’s massage roller, apparently a celebrity favorite, used and loved by Shay Mitchell, Jessica Alba and Ruby Rose, to name a few – work mechanically; others work on a deeper level, aided by LED technology. LED technology is definitely gaining in popularity in the world of beauty, with three lights being used for three different functions. Blue light is effective in getting rid of bacteria, anti-aging red light stimulates collagen production, and promotes cellular renewal, while white light works deep into the tissues, to reduce inflammation, and tone your skin. LED light therapy can be done at home or in the salon, without applying any products on your skin. We recommend it to everyone, not just because it is really an experience you should try once, but also because it is particularly suitable for anyone with sensitive skin, the kind of skin that makes you feel like you shouldn’t apply any products on it: you won’t need any products if you use these gadgets! Have a look at the gallery to find the best one for you, and get experimenting.

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  • Amazing! What to do with all my great products and oils?

    Reply to Monique
      • TBS Crew

        You don’t have to toss them, keep them for winter or for days when you feel like your skin needs a lot of nutrition! 🙂

        Reply to TBS Crew
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