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With the same speed with which it arrived, summer is ending (and in fact 2016 too). We don’t intend to let it get to us or mourn its departure, so we are looking for new energy in the creation of a fall beauty routine. A little bit like when you go back to school and you buy everything you need to sit down for your first lesson. The time has come to go shopping for your skin: take note of our 5 skincare routine tips for fall. Enjoy the end of summer!

1. Equip yourself with a good arsenal of hydrating masks. They will be your best friend during this seasonal change. Firstly because they will support your skin as you lose your tan, and then because they will help you to maintain tome and elasticity as winter arrives.

2. Give yourself a natural oil massage. Go on YouTube and search for instructional videos (our favorites are those by Lisa Eldridge), wash your face and hands well and begin: this will be 15 minutes well spent. The massge is a blessing to the circulation of the face, stimulating cellular renewal and will make your skin immediately more stretchy and relaxed.

3. Rediscover products with a rich texture. Say bye bye to gel, and go for creams with a more substance and consistency. It won’t be difficult for them to be absorbed by the skin; with the stresses of a little rain and wind, your skin will actually need it!

4. Focus on the eye contour area. Unfortunately the relaxing vacation is long gone, this will be evident for those who are susceptible to having bags under their eyes. The time has come to focus your attention on this delicate area with a routine and a specific mask, (perhaps hydro-gel)!

5. Try something new! We know that this is a small consolation when dealing with the looming end of summer, but we are sure that it will be a great distraction. On our list we have a Korean splash mask, as many cushion products as you can get and some new treatments, even better if they’re natural. Have fun!

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