Composit Anti PollutionCities can be concrete jungles, and daily life in a city can get very stressful. Hands up if you had these thoughts at least once. Now, imagine, if this is the effect that city stress has on you as a person, what are the consequences of city pollution on your skin? One of the newest trends in skincare, pollution-proof beauty products, deals exactly with this issue. This trend comes, once again, like tissue masks, from Asia, a continent whose cities sometimes even have apps recommending when it is advisable to be outdoors and when it isn’t! Hard to believe, but true, we promise! And since smog is a source of daily stress for our skin, in Milan as in any other hectic urban area, we made a selection of the best products to protect your skin from pollution. They all landed straight onto our shopping list for our next beauty shopping spree – have a look at the gallery!

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