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Composit - Sheet MasksIf we have learned anything from Asian beauty care trends, it’s probably that our daily beauty care routine is not really complete until we use a sheet face mask. This kind of product, which is mostly imported from Korea, has a lot of advantages to it: it’s cheap, it’s easy to use and it shows immediate results. The icing on the cake is that there are all sorts of masks nowadays: formulas are usually made for specific skin issues, which can go from dry skin, to aging, even paying attention to very sensitive skin.

There are two things you should know, before you go crazy shopping online. The first one is, you must respect the time limit you see on the package: try not to wear the mask for over 20 minutes, as the mask can take back the moisture it has just given to your skin. The second thing you should figure out is your skin type. If your skin tends to have acne issues, you maybe should use gel masks, rather than actual sheet masks, because these could actually block your pores and worsen your acne condition.

Now you are ready for your flawless night beauty routine! Reminder: don’t forget to take the mask off before the pizza delivery guy comes!

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