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This is the story of Aurora. You may have heard of it before, but I will tell you the story again, my way. She was a 20-year-old rebel who never listened to her mum, especially when she reminded her to put on her moisturizer before going to sleep. As a punishment, aunt Maleficent (who might have possibly been a beautician but I’m not sure I remember) cast a curse on her, forcing her to sleep forever, until a prince would come to wake her up. Auntie, who was not that evil after all, really cared about her beauty: «So, what did she do?» you might wonder. It’s very simple: she picked a few little, magical objects that allowed her not to lose her beauty while she was sleeping. Aurora would never get old: no lines, perfect hair, the skin of an angel and a mouth like a rosebud.

She asked Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to help her find all these objects, since they were pretty bizarre and you needed the Internet to get them. This is how silk pillows appeared, as well as hi-tech humidifiers and serums, made to work exactly when the sun goes down. The pillow even had a name, Beauty Bear, and thanks to its revolutionary shape, it stopped Aurora’s skin from getting any lines while sleeping. Thanks to the pillow’s silk cover, her hair stayed healthy and shiny, since this material’s fibers are so much more gentle than the cotton common people used. And to wrap it up in style, Aunt Maleficent put the best overnight treatment she could find in fairyland on her niece’s face, stuff that contained unicorn tears and fairy powder, lab-made ingredients so advanced that they felt magical. Neither Auntie nor I are chemists, sorry, but worry not, what matters is the end of the story.

When Aurora woke up with her True Love’s kiss – the kind of True Love that deserves capital letters, mind you – she was even more beautiful than before, Aunt was so happy that she decided to open a SPA, and invite her friends from all over the kingdom to it.. And everyone lived happily ever after.

The moral of this story, because there is one, is that you can become more beautiful while you’re sleeping, and that is great! Find out how in the gallery 😉

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