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It’s high time for Spring cleaning! It’s not April’s fools, that day has passed a while ago, anyway, right? We are talking about more specific cleaning, about your beauty routine, to be precise. This is an excellent moment to sit down for an hour, figure out which of your winter treatments were effective and which were not, and choose the ones that you are going to keep with you on the upcoming days of sunshine and heat. Of course, if you are the kind of person who uses the same cream for the entire year, I will not try to change you into an Asian skincare maniac, since those routines can be up to 10 steps long, with as many products, but trust me when I write that these tips will do wonders for your skin over the next few months.

Your skin will never need as much water as it does in spring and summer. Try to take care of that with water- and hyaluronic acid-based, light formulas, you will notice very quickly that your skin will look fuller, and more elastic. Since it is getting hotter, you can use this formula day and night, no need to find a richer option for the night.

aggressive-peelingscrubGood exfoliation is essential, to encourage cellular regeneration and to allow your face to reach previously unseen levels of glow. Don’t overdo it, though, and make sure you don’t apply this treatment over 2 or 3 times a week, as this might overly sensitise your skin.

heavy-foundationin-primerAvoiding heavy foundation doesn’t mean you won’t get the perfect finish, all you have to do is wear a suitable primer, paired with a BB cream or a coloured cream. This will be long-lasting, and your skin will be even more protected from among and pollution, thanks to this double barrier.

sunscreen-always-and-every-dayI will keep on repeating this tirelessly: even when it is cloudy or rainy, a considerable amount of UVA and UVB rays will still manage to pierce through the clouds, and reach your face. Sunscreen is essential, always, and even more so during the sunny, hot season. The formulas on sale today have nothing to do with the matte, oily ones that we had to apply on our faces in the 1990s, so there are really no excuses anymore. Go and put on your SPF30!

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