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cover abbronzaturaThe summer holidays are over for almost everyone, but we can still see their beneficial effects in the city. A refreshed and relaxed face and a tan that makes us look more beautiful and attractive. How to preserve that skin tone as long as possible? First of all, drink a lot of water to be well hydrated inside and eat fruit and vegetables, like apricots and carrots that stimulate melanin. Keeping your skin velvety and hydrated is essential. Shower with lukewarm water and opt for gels and oils (maybe with carotene) instead of a traditional bodywash and never forget to put on some lotion after dabbing your skin with a towel. The best ones? Without any doubt those containing shea butter and aloe vera, but the aftersun you’ve been using after the beach will work just as well. Don’t be afraid of exfoliate your skin if you notice it’s renewing itself; after a light scrub it will find new brightness. And a final advice: for these first few days back in the city forget the perfume, which tends to dry your skin and it is not suitable if you wish to keep your tan for longer  😉

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