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“Hey Siri, can you brush my hair?” It might seem funny today, but this idea might become reality one day! We are officially abandoning our daily ordinary life, to enter a universe invaded by technology. Over the last few days, Natura Bissé inaugurated a SPA treatment that includes a session in virtual reality. It’s called “Mindful Touch Experience”, and its aim is to completely envelop you into your moment of relaxation, with the aid of videos and audio clips that will help anyone who is getting massage or facials enter another world entirely. Going to the SPA will be a little like entering the Matrix: who knows what is expecting us!

The hi-tech beauty experience is upon us already. Have you ever dealt with an extremely tech-y beauty object? It’s not so rare – after all, facial cleansing brushes like Clarisonic are everywhere. We bet that within 5 years, everyone will own an object like this, and that will change everybody’s beauty routine. It’s not just about hunting for the latest gadgets, although this is definitely something that is pushing the trend: just like with iPhone, Apple Watch and co., who doesn’t enjoy having the latest toy? It might suffice to quote Dyson Supersonic, which earned so many fans so quickly, despite its higher price in comparison with other hairdryers with no special features that still get the job done flawlessly. This model’s immediate popularity is probably due to its ability to the sensor that enables it to keep your hair’s temperature under control, avoiding any burns.

Hi-tech beauty gadgets make your life easier, and not just a little. Think about something as obvious as electric toothbrushes: they used to be something only oral hygiene nerds would get, and now, all dentists recommend them. Some of the newer models even come with an app that keeps your oral hygiene situation in check. Kérastase applied the same principle when launching its Hair Coach, the first smart hairbrush. Thanks to a sensor and a mic, it can evaluate your hair’s state of health, and give you tips on how to improve the situation, while collecting data in your smartphone app.

If all these advantages are so helpful for your daily life, then, why is tech not everywhere in our beauty routine already? It’s probably due to the cost, or to be precise, to the need to justify the expense with yourself, perhaps. How can you justify spending lots of money on tech for beauty, you may ask? Well, in this case Carrie Bradshaw’s motto, that your money is well visible inside your closet, doesn’t really work. You should see it more as an investment, like you do when you think of luxury skincare. Sometimes technology is exactly about luxury skincare: devices like Ziip, the Foreo Luna or Nüface are set to revolutionize the world of skincare, making your skin look better thanks to impulses transmitted directly onto the skin – but before you see the results, you will have to kiss a good chunk of your savings goodbye.

It would be awesome if there were a money back guarantee, or a way to test these devices first, to see if we really want to get them, if they work for us. In the meantime, though, we will have to believe in promises, and just go ahead and buy, then proceed to boast about our devices on Instagram, making all our friends jealous in the process.😉 Have a look at our gallery to see the definitive hi-tech beauty wishlist. Happy shopping!

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