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«Sun, sun, sun… Here it comes!» sang the Beatles, in 1969. Holidays are finally almost there for us too, and we want to be absolutely prepared! It’s completely forbidden to expose your skin to the sun without any protection – unless you also want to expose yourself to danger for no good reason, and get a painful sunburn, too. If you haven’t already realized that with our beauty tips for summer, we are telling you again, just to make sure. There are no excuses! Not even if you choose to only go for vegan or organic products: there are so many good alternatives to sunscreen classics on the market nowadays, that are compatible with even the most sensitive skin types. What is special about natural sunscreen products? It’s mostly the filters inside them, which work physically, rather than chemically: they are made in a way that stops UV rays from even touching your skin at all. The most common ingredients used to achieve this are zinc oxide, very effective against UVA rays, and titanium dioxide, which keeps UVB rays at bay. A good product should contain both, because both UVA and UVB rays are very dangerous for your skin. Look at our gallery to get ideas on what products to try for the summer, for your face, and for your body. Here comes the sun!

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