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My mother is a skin goddess. Every night and day, she meticulously takes care of it, and I must say that at 60, her face looks beautiful, enviable, and completely natural. Naively, she tried to pass down this good habit to me, since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, I am embarrassingly lazy, which is why I only listened to one of her many, precious good tips, but I follow that one rigorously: I remove my makeup, every night, no matter whether it is 9pm and I am getting ready to spend the evening at home, or I am coming back at dawn after a night of alcohol and fun — anything can happen, really, but I will not go to bed without removing my makeup. Not so lazy, then, you might say. Well… True.

But actually, I am lazy, and I have it easy because the only makeup I wear is on my eyes, sometimes on my lips, so in just one gesture, with biphasic makeup remover, I can clean my conscience and ignore everything else — including moisturizer, of course. «But, what about pollution, then? What about impurities, and aliens, and all that?». I can hear you already. Who cares, is my answer. I am lazy, take me as I am, I will keep on being lazy until my face falls off. That would have been my answer until a week ago, to be precise, until I discovered the existence of a product that allows me to completely remove my makeup, which will make my towels happy, moisturize my skin, and even avoid buying those little cotton pads I always forget to get, and this is really the icing on the cake for me. This product, ladies and gentlement, is a cleansing balm. Of course, I owe this wonderful discovery to Giulia, my beauty guru, who also happens to be the beauty editor of The Blond Salad. A few days ago, she left this little jar on my desk, saying that it would entire revolutionize my evening routine.

To tell you the truth, I did not believe her for a second, but since she told me you didn’t need any pads, and I was out of those anyway, I tested it on the very same day. Here is how it works: it feels like a sort of compact oil that melts when it touches the skin, after which, you proceed to massage it into your skin. The one I tried has a very faint rose fragrance, which made the whole experience even more pleasurable. After that, all you need to do is clean your face with a wet organza towel — mine was included in the pack, and it can be machine washed — that will take away all traces of makeup with it. The result is extremely clean and well hydrated skin. Of course, if I have to be honest: it took more than about 3 minutes, which might demotivate me one day, especially at 6am. But honestly, in winter, when cold weather and wind are attacking your skin left, right and center, knowing that you can hydrate as well as cleanse in only one gesture, is definitely an advantage you cannot ignore. The one downside? The organza towels have to be washed frequently, and every night they must be dried after use. But I am sure we can find a lazy-proof solution for that, too. 😉

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