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Let’s admit it… We live in a material world, and we are all material girls, and not just when it comes to fashion! Collecting beauty products is one of the small joys in life, even if it can get expensive at times. Imagine you have unlimited budget for a second, and look at our gallery to discover what we would never miss if we really could get anything we like, among the most expensive beauty products ever. Limited editions are definitely topping our list, but they’re far from being the only thing on it! After compiling this list, we decided to cut down on our daily coffee, to try to save up a little and plan a bit of shopping. What would you like to buy?

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  • We’ve all hemmed and hawed over purchasing a $30 lipstick or a $50 bronzer, but those numbers are nothing compared to these crazy expensive price tags. From a nail polish that costs a quarter of a million dollars to a face cream infused with platinum, we’ve rounded up the most expensive beauty products in the world. The craziest part? People actually buy them! Read on to see how rich beauty junkies blow their money.

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