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copertina pelle perfettaClean, moisturize, exfoliate, tone, enhance. Even though makeup works miracles nowadays and with foundations & co. your face can look radiant and without imperfections despite Mother Nature’ generosity, there is one thing that must be clear: the secret for a perfect skin lays in daily care. In order to obtain it, you should focus on in-depth treatments that week after week will help reach that naturally smooth and toned effect that is for many just a forbidden dream. But, what are the products to invest in? We suggest 5 limited edition ones to get for yourself or receive as gifts for a beautiful start to the New Year!

1. Sk-II Festive Facial Treatment Essence. A magic serum that promises to tone, hydrate, soothe redness and improve the skin brightness and appearance (and it actually does!). A sort of factotum for all of those women who wish to begin a path towards a flawless skin. In its limited edition version, it comes with motivational quotes and graphics that  portray a butterfly -the ultimate symbol of metamorphosis- and a hummingbird, a tiny bird that, despite its size, is able to fly at impressive speed, proving that nothing is impossible. Just as having the skin of your dreams is. You just have to want it!

2. Foreo Luna for Sensitive/Normal Skin. How do you apply skin cleansing products? If your answer is with your fingers or with cotton pads, you should rethink your beauty routine. Yes, because the last frontier of cleansing is this small object made of silicone, that through its double surface -a smooth one and one formed by mini silicone bristles- eliminates impurities and massages the skin with small vibrations that also minimize the first signs of aging.

3. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Resurrect Radiance Peel Vault. If he’s considered the skin guru by all Hollywood stars, there must be a good reason and this exfoliating kit that stimulates cell renewal, while highlighting the effect of the products included in our daily routine just confirms it. By using it on a regular basis, we’ll be finally able to say goodbye to imperfections!

4. Josie Maran Whimsical Wonder The Complete Argan Skincare Ritual. In order to have a perfect skin, hydration is key. Even better if its assured by the use of 100% natural products like Argan Oil, which is the main ingredient of this multi-purpose kit of face and body products. A tip: they work wonders for hair as well!

5. Perricone MD No Makeup Skincare Limited Edition Vault Set. A foundation that enhances the natural complexion instead of covering it, a blush that reddens cheeks with a perfectly natural bonne-mine look, and a bronzer that gives the effect of a day in the sun. The dream of every lover of the natural look exists and its name is “no makeup” not by chance: products that act directly on the skin (and not only: this kit includes eyelashes and lip treatments) for a radiant and natural face.

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