At the good old age of 27, I can still hear my mother’s voice, ordering me to put on sunscreen before I step into the sunshine. I have to say I was pretty lucky compared to some of my friends: forgetting it often implied second degree burns in different parts of my body, some of which I didn’t even notice. It might be my personal history, it might be that protecting your skin is just very very important, but I am really proud to be a champion of sunscreen. It doesn’t matter to me if I end up bickering with my friends, when I tell them that no, wearing SPF 50 won’t stop them from tanning… And that wearing no sunscreen is not an option! That said, it is certainly no fun to apply sunscreen with the kind of mineral screen that makes it as thick as a layer of Nutella, and as fluid as calcimine, so I started working on what I thought was mission impossible, that actually turned out to be very possible: finding sunscreen that even those who hate sunscreen are going to wear.

Did you know that Glossier’s new sunblock was designed exactly with this in mind? It’s transparent, it gets absorbed quickly, it isn’t sticky and it leaves no trace. Eureka! Spray is another very convenient solution I like, and after so many body sprays, now I also found face sprays, like Lancaster’s Sun Sport range: it is wonderful for the sensation of freshness you immediately feel when applying it, but most of all it is also amazing because you can apply it again also after you did your makeup, without ruining your makeup masterpiece – which must have been work in the summer heat. Last but not least, if you hate sunscreen, try waterproof formulas. The reason why I suggest this is pretty simple: you can cheat, and wait longer between applications, since diving into pool water or swimming in the sea will not change the protection factor. Even LUSH released sunscreen this year – theirs can be applied in the shower, and it protects your skin thanks to calamine and three wide spectrum filters. All you need to do to apply it is put it onto your wet skin, rinse it, and pat dry. One last tip: choose a product whose perfume you can’t resist, like Coola‘s ones – the coconut one is so yummy! It might seem trivial, but you will actually find yourself reapplying the product more often, just for the pleasure to smell the fragrance. If I still didn’t manage to convince you, I give up, but before I really throw in the towel, you must at least try every tip I gave. Promise? Ok, I will make it even easier by including all the products you should try in the gallery. Wear your sunscreen, please!

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