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Let’s make this clear: coconut water is our new obsession — possibly even more so than avocados and matcha. It all started with a drink: the precious liquid substance you get from coconuts is a very famous isotonic drink that rehydrates your body, rebalancing the glucose levels within it, and replenishing all the nutrients you may have lost over the day. Coconut water is naturally filtered from the plant, which is why it is so rich in magnesium, iodine — essential for safeguarding your thyroid function — and potassium. Coconut water is restorative and calming, and it hydrates your body, too: it’s the water of life! Cosmetic companies know all these benefits, and they made sure they didn’t waste time — so they looked for the best way to make use of this ingredient inside a lot of their formulas.

primer2It is scientifically proven that the electrolytes inside coconut water are very helpful for your skin to renew its moisture, which works as a protective barrier. Primers are the way to introduce this benefit to your beauty routine, preparing your skin for makeup, and protecting it over the rest of the day from potential damage caused by weather or pollution. Products that contain coconut water feel very light and pleasant to the touch, and using them everyday will be a very pleasant ritual.


After a whole day with our beloved makeup on, the time always comes to clean up and rebalance the state of your skin. And, voilà, here comes today’s it-ingredient again: coconut water has an extra advantage as a makeup remover, in our opinion — its scent makes the whole process more relaxing and soothing. Even in its most simple version as the coconut water we drink, it can be used as a makeup remover for the most sensitive of skins. Of course, coconut water won’t be strong enough to remove waterproof mascaras, which can be removed by another coconut-based product: coconut oil!


Coconut water can be used in three different ways on our manes. Since it is such a good moisturizer, it nourishes your hair and will stop any frizzing. Coconut water also contains vitamin K and iron, which will slow down hair fall and stimulate hair growth; last but not least, coconut water is a miracle solution for all those who have sensitive scalp, thanks to its soothing properties. The bonus? Well, again, its wonderful scent… Your friends will never stop sniffing your hair — don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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