We are all made of the stuff of dreams… And of water, too. It is estimated that a human body is made of water, up to 60% or 70%: maintaining this moisture is part of our nature. It’s little wonder, then, that water is a very important ingredient in skincare products. The more water a formula boasts, the lighter, more comfortable a texture will be, it will be easier for your skin to absorb it and perfect for summer. Creams and gels are ideal as a makeup base, as they make it less likely that your pores get clogged, and thus reduce the risk of skin irritation and rashes.  Water-based skincare products are very warmly recommended – though not exclusively – to anyone who wants an essential beauty routine, that aims at efficiency, without having to go through too many steps. If you like this kind of formulation, you should know that you can also use it as a base for a more structured treatment. All you will have to remember is to always use it as a first step, as any oil-based products you may use in your routine would “seal” your pores and compromise water-based product absorption. How do you know if a product is water-based? It’s easy in some cases, such as those of sprays, tonics, essences, serums and most moisturizers that are described as “oil-free” on their packaging. For more suggestions, have a look at our gallery 🙂

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