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If you could visit our office one day, I would like to show you the desk where our editorial team works. In addition to predictable stuff like stationery, you would see it is dotted with face sprays. Not kidding! It might partially be my fault, but Vince was definitely a good disciple: the first spray I made him try was a Shiseido one with a light relaxing effect, which helps your face relax after spending several hours in front of the computer. From then on, that face spray became part of his daily beauty routine, and I am pretty sure that soon it will also be part of yours!

The first clear advantage of using face spray is how easy it is to apply. You can use face spray at any time of day, whether you are wearing makeup or not, as part of a clearly defined beauty routine, or as a simple way to cool down during the day. If you think about it, not having to use your hands is excellent: you won’t risk hurting the skin of your face by having it touch the bacteria you picked up. Depending on the formula, spray can help your makeup last longer and it can take care of moisture, to avoid getting to the evening feeling like you had an excursion to the Sahara. My favorite way to use it is on long flights, the kind during which cabin air can dry up all hydration off your face, and it is essential to take care of this about every 20 minutes. If you decide to use your face spray on a flight, choose a pleasant, delicate scent, or your neighbors won’t be so happy!

The second reason why I encourage you to include a spray in your beauty routine is a little more technical, and it’s about formula. There is something you should know: when you apply a moisturising product, moist skin actually absorbs nutrients more easily than dry skin. It’s a matter of how permeable your skin is – I’ll spare you the science, but it was demonstrated in lab tests, I am not making it up! A face spray is an excellent ally, boosting the effects of your favorite face cream, and it is a good way to add an essential moisturizing factor to your beauty routine.

So, are you ready to experiment? You’ll find our current favorite products in the gallery. Unleash the sprays!

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