What is the secret of beauty? Be positive, self confident and determined. One word: strong! Our dearest Chiara Ferragni, for sure, shows us everyday how inner strength is the secret to face all the personal and professional challenges life puts in front of us. If we want to pursue our goals, it’s very important to find energy and positivity… like Chiara does everyday!


Strong is beautiful: that’s the mantra that helped Chiara throughout this super busy months. And her empowering attitude is the reason why Pantene chose her once again as its Global Ambassador, confirming how outer beauty is just a reflection of what’s inside.

Chiara’s secrets to be everyday strong and beautiful in these weeks full of projects and goals to reach? Eating healthy, doing some workout… and the best ally for her hair! Even in these days of Milan Fashion Week, Chiara uses everyday the new Pantene Shampoo with Nutrient Pro-V™ blend. Its nutrient-rich lather infuses every strand, nourishing and moisturizing while washing, and fueling hair with 100% strength. Pantene Gel technology, in fact, helps Nutrient Pro-V™ blend not to be washed away. That’s why it’s perfect for a daily use, to keep hair feeling strong, nourished and moisturized from morning to night!


Strength is the secret to face our everyday routine! Discover the new Pantene advertising campaing starring Chiara Ferragni and how Pantene Shampoo with Nutrient Pro-V™ blend helped her hair to be strong and beautiful during Milan Fashion Week!


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