There’s only one colour on Valentine’s day: red! Love, passion…there are so many feelings we link to this shade, as much as the reasons we choose it for our outfits and our make up looks, especially if we use a red lipstick. Talking about beauty, tomorrow is “the” day to wear beautiful and kissable red lips!

It looks great on everyone: There are so many girls out there, believing that red lipstick is so difficult to wear. Actually, red is one of the few colour that looks gorgeous on everyone. The secret? Choose the perfect shade: cold undertones (all the lipstick that contain blue tones, for example red-violet shades) for fair complexion, hot undertones (lipsticks that have some yellow tones, for example orange-red lipsticks) for warmer skin.

Dolce & Gabbana

High-level precision: to be honest, red lipsticks are difficult to apply. You have to be very precise, because every mistake is forbidden. So take you favourite lip liner and line your lips clear cut, the, if you’re not a pro, apply your red lipstick with a tiny brush. Do you want a long-lasting effect? Here you are 2 tips: apply the lip liner before the lipstick, or fix it tapping a translucent powder over a tissue tha you’ll press against your lips.

Must-have products: if you want to become a red lipstick addicted, then you’ll have to find some space to these beauty products inside your make up purse. Find the perfect matte shade for the ultimate posh look and a creamy one for casual occasions. Do you need an extra glamourous touch? Then lips stain is the product for you, long lasting and with the ultimate glossy effect.


Trends: on the catwalks of spring-summer 2018 fashion shows we saw the return of red lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are here to stay, but we’ll have the change to wear some glossy and glowing shades too. If you aren’t very confident applying red lipstick, then smudged lips is the trend for you!

Inspirations: it’s very hard to find a celebrity that haven’t rocked beautiful red lips. Taylor Swift, they say, decided to make it her beauty signature after a photoshoot. And if someone still bother saying that “red lipsticks are not for blondes”, well…have you seen Rita Ora‘s lips?

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