There’s a sentence we often hear: true beauty is within us, not just on the outside, and that is wise, and true, to be honest with you. Beauty is not just about creams, serums, masks, treatment and that sort of thing. Actually, when you are a grown up, beauty has a lot to do with physical and psychological well being, with the quality of the air we breathe, and with our diet, too, obviously. It would be wonderful to be able to nourish your skin with pizza and macarons, but sadly, that is just not going to work. Here are three factors you should keep in mind when you try to improve things from within your body:

Eating habits. Eating well is wonderful for your skin, as well as for your body. Many things we eat or drink can influence the way we look: caffeine and lactose, for instance, to give you an example of common enemies. Go to the bookstore, have a look at a few recipe books and get creative in your kitchen. You should try to follow a healthier diet, but most of all, focus on adding new dishes to your list of favorites!

Supplements. It’s nothing scary, don’t worry. Consider this category, though, because supplements can work wonders for your hair’s health, and they come in multiple types. We recommend seeing a doctor to help you figure out your needs. We included a few supplement options in the gallery to help you choose. If you decide to start taking a supplement, consistency is everything — you can’t expect to have a tablet every 4 months and get instant, visible results! 😉

Hydration. We probably bored you to death on this already, we know, but we can’t stress this enough. You have to drink water, at least 1.5 liters a day, on top of what you drink during your meal. Put a sticky note on your computer screen, set an alarm on your phone, come up with other creative reminders if you have to, but drink! Your skin will be thankful for it.

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