Are you a fitness fan? Then we’re here for you. September was the time many of us went back to the gym, although it was hard. The best idea to get new motivation might be to choose a new activity, so here we are, with 5 suggestions of things to try when you go back to the gym, to stop procrastinating and finally get active:

Cardiolates. Think pilates. Now think trampolines. Now, imagine a sport that puts them together! The lessons feature music, and the aim is to reduce body fat, tone your body, increase agility and engage in aerobic activity.

Acrovibes. It’s a cross between acrogym and calisthenics, it is inspired by acroyoga and by verticalism exercises, and mostly based on unconventional functional training. What is it all about then? Look at the photos in our gallery to find out!

Barre. This is for anyone who loves ballet, since barre is an aerobic activity inspired by that exactly. It’s one of Victoria’s Secret’s Angels’ favorite training activities — do we need to say anything else?

Aquacombat. Kickboxing? Yes, please! The challenge here is doing it in water: aquacombat is basically a martial arts -inspired, coreographed aquafitness exercise that usually lasts 30 or 45 minutes. It’s perfect to release tension, or to get energized.

Antigravity yoga. Let’s wrap up with something more relaxing, if you aren’t afraid to hang head-down! This version of yoga is airborne, thanks to the use of elastic hammocks meant to facilitate the execution of asana, while simultaneously releasing the body of gravity: this will be very helpful to healthily decompress your spine.

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