copertina_If you have already been following us for a while you will know that here at TBS we are all fitness crazy! Even those of us who when thinking of a marathon, can only think of the Netflix-kind, like myself, still try to keep ourselves in shape and train with our friends- either at the gym or at home, thanks to apps dedicated to fitness. We have selected 5 for Apple Watch, advising you on the best ways to use the device!

Pocket yoga. Simple and instant exercises for which you won’t even need to look at the screen of your smartphone. If you are in doubt about changing between the warrior and the tree pose, then just look at your wrist!

Lifesum. Suitable for those of you watching your weight. Apple Watch will remind you to drink and exercise, but the force of will to resist that slice of pizza will be all down to you!

Streaks. An app dedicated to helping you get into good habits. They can be fitness related or otherwise; it gives us that extra bit of motivation to get up at the crack of dawn for that Pilates lesson. Or to take our four-legged friends for a walk!

Wahoo Runfit. A running buddy, less well known than many others but definitely not less functional! We like it for the eye-catching graphics and because it monitors other activities besides running.

Headspace. For the mind, which needs a dedicated workout of its own. This app is a small oasis of peace away from your daily chaos, that allows you to say bye bye to your thoughts and throw yourself fully into your day’s activities.

Furthermore, Apple Watch has an integrated activity app, allowing you to chose a daily goal to achieve. You can change it when you want, simply by using the force touch feature within the app. If you want more details on the activities of the day, you can simply swipe upwards! Even the workout app is super easy to use! To not overwork your fingertips, you could even ask Siri to activate it!  «Hey Siri, start a 30 minute outdoor run»apps (Ermmm, maybe just 20 for now). If you prefer to see distance goals, calories and time in a numerical format rather than as rings, simply open the app on the iPhone Apple Watch, select Training and enable Show objective data. This way it’s easier to have a quick glance whilst out jogging!

Have you tried any other apps that you would like to share with us? Do you have any other tips for us? Write us a comment 🙂


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