coverOk,​ so​ we were really good lately: in the last few months​,​ we trained with Sayonara, our Nike coach who tortured us every ​Thurs​day with the new NTC​ app,​ and her incredible discipline. We never sweated this much before, but we are ​also ​happy with the results and don’t want to lose everything ​​in​ just a​ few weeks of inactivity​ — ​so we asked ​​Sayonara ​for tips on outdoor exercise, ​​something ​we can also use on holiday. Here is the program she suggested: 15 minutes of high intensity training, divided in 4 5-minute sequences that we should repeat at least 3 times. Every exercise should be performed as powerfully as you can, for 50 seconds, with 10-second breaks in between.  Are you ready?

1. Rocker.
GIORGIA2This is an exercise to get your upper body moving, and that will also give it stability. Lying belly down, ​fold your legs while ​​moving ​your chest towards your thighs, and do a plank at the end of the movement.

2. Plank ​with upper body rotation ​
GIULIA1Lying belly down,​ move your body forward, and place your hands directly under your shoulders, with your legs stretched. Turn your upper body horizontally, keeping your shoulders nicely in line, and stretch your arm up.

3. Run in place
VINCE2Run, baby, run!

4. Drop Squat
FRANCI2​With your hands joined together, squat down as deeply as you can, and stand back up with a small hop.

Are you ready to sweat?!?

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