It’s time for a serious confession: we don’t like the gym so much, as a place. Maybe you are also one of us: the problem is not training, we like being healthy and in good shape! It must be said, though, that gyms aren’t always a very nice environment: they can be crowded, or the music is bad, or showers… Let’s not even get to that! One of the best ways to still stay in shape is to get a good app, lock the door and stay home — but the park is also a good location for this! Here are our best 10 apps to keep fit without going to the gym:

1. NIKE+ Run Club – It comes in a new, shiny incarnation that you will need to re-download, — it’s not just an update —  and it’s still our favorite for going out and running. Its coaching function gives you a very good program to follow. And don’t forget to share your results with your friends! United we stand!

2. 7 MIN WORKOUT – Yes you got that right: 7 minutes. You will need consistency here, but it will give you visible results. It’s the perfect app for anyone who’s afraid of getting bored, but still wants to do some activity.

3. Zombies, Run! – Who loves the Walking Dead? Well, this is for you, then! This app features a story in the form of a podcast, and it will send you on special missions in a post-apocalyptic world packed with zombies. Never stop, if you want to survive! 😉

4. Ballet Training – Ballet is really trendy for workouts. These routines are a celebrity favorite, and we shall follow suit! Plus… it will also give you a good reason to buy ballet shoes… What else do you need?

5. Couch to 5k – Is the only marathon you can handle a Netflix one? No worries, this app will make a runner even out of you! You just need dedication and grit.

6. Tone It Up – This is the app for those who have fun with workout videos, and don’t want to sign up for a course full of other people. Karena & Katrina are two personal trainers in one and they will motivate you until you become unbeatable. This app’s bonus is a nutritional plan to help you eat more healthily.

7. Sweat with Kayla – You will find 28-minute workouts here, as well as health food suggestions, before and after data to keep an eye on your progress, and lots of content from a passionate community of fitness lovers. Kayla is a fitness guru for many by now, worldwide! Why not jump on the wagon?

8. Blogilates – Cassey’s enthusiasm and her video-tutorials should not be missed, she is adrenaline in the form of a personal trainer, inspired by a mix of yoga and pilates, with a very bubbly character and unbeatable soundtracks!

9. Daily Yoga – Warmly recommended to anyone who likes to release tension and get rid of negative energies at any time of day, morning and evening. All you will need will be a mat and a quiet spot in your living room.

10. Pilates Coach – After training, yoga and running, we could not forget pilates, of course! Lots of us at TBS are fans: pilates exercises are easy and they aren’t overly tiring. If you want to start practicing, it’s a very good idea to start here.

Got a favorite yet? Enjoy training! 🙂

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