It’s kinda hard to describe an 80-minute massage: you can try to imagine what it does for your body and mind before you actually try it, but trust me, your imagination won’t even get close to reality. Our One Thousand and One Nights-like experience took place at the Hotel Cavalieri in Rome, which just introduced aromatherapy to its bouquet of treatments. Aromatherapy combines the benefits of the aromas of essential oils getting used during treatment with the well-being that is typical of massage therapy.

Aromatherapy is beneficial for three reasons: aromas stimulate your sense of smell, which in turn activates the left half of your brain, tapping into your more emotional self; secondly, applying essential oils onto your skin will relax your muscles, purify your system and increase your blood flow; finally, the wise hands of your therapist will maximize the benefits you can get from the first two elements we already mentioned.

The result will be a deep feeling of wellbeing for both your body and mind, tailored for your very needs. The therapist will make sure you get the right kind of treatment by having a short talk with you first, during which you will discuss what points you will really need to work on. In our case, it was all about stress management, and our need for extra energy, to tackle complex situations in our lives that were sapping our mental and physical energies. After an 80-minute massage which, we must confess, relaxed us to the point of making us fall asleep, we felt like we were reborn.

This kind of massage is perfectly suitable for both men and women, and it will involve your entire body, including your scalp and your hair: after the treatment, you will almost feel like you are in a relaxed trance state, which will give you all the energy you’ll need, and which gifted us with wonderful hours of sleep in the rooms of the Roma Cavalieri hotel. The next day, we woke up feeling happy and energized, ready for future challenges!

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